Ally Dealer Agreement

If I want to offer Ally RV Finance products in my dealership, what`s next? Call your Ally representative or email How do Ally Academy courses benefit from my reseller? We have a large number of products to meet the credit needs of dealers, including: only employees of duly authorized vehicle dealers who have an existing business relationship with Ally can register and use a website. Your customers and suppliers are not allowed to use the Websites. What kind of wholesale financing does it offer Ally Rv dealers? By registering on a website, you agree to accept these terms on behalf of the reseller you work for. From time to time, Ally may provide you with information about our tempe and retail rental customers. You will only receive such information if it is necessary to process a transaction requested by the customer or if this information is used for joint marketing activities, as permitted by a joint marketing agreement between your reseller and Ally. Any other use of this information is prohibited unless Ally agrees to do so in writing. From 180 days before the expiry of rental agreements, we send tenants a large number of reminders, return tips and other related communications. Our efforts complement your ability to excite these customers with materials and offers to put them back on your lot. Please contact your Ally representative or our VR support team at 1-800-814-8842, Monday – Friday, 10:00 am to 8:00 PM ET, or email us at To help customers avoid hire-purchase surprises at your dealership, we offer: We offer Rv dealers new and used base plan financing and offer competitive prices and conditions tailored to the individual needs of the dealers. Some of the benefits of planning plans with Ally are as follows: Our Ally Vehicle Return Manager Self-Service Tool can help you enjoy a quick and simple process, no matter which option you and your customer choose.

Check out our guide to the reseller self-registration process (PDF 2 MB) and visit to sign up for access or contact your Ally Account Executive for more information. The terms of use of Ally Dealer Services and Ally Vehicle Return Manager in the current version (“Terms”) apply to all users of and (a “Website” each) that are owned and operated by Ally Financial Inc. “Ally”, “we”, “us”, “us”, and “our” means Ally Financial Inc.

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