Dealer Loaner Car Agreement

Please understand that our rental program is a reseller program offered by the Owens Murphy Auto Group and at the expense of the Owens Murphy Auto Group. Exclusions are just so that we are best able to serve our customers. Land Rover Little Rock reserves the right to terminate rental vehicle privileges for those who violate the above guidelines, and the terms of our Loaan vehicle policy may be amended without notice. Land Rover Little Rock is doing everything in its power to provide a rental vehicle to each of our service customers if it plans an appointment that cannot be made in 90 minutes or less. Rental vehicles made available may not be the equivalent model of the vehicle a customer has maintained. Advantage for Land Rover Little Rock customers, free rental vehicles are available for every customer who has purchased their Land Rover from one of the Owens Murphy Jaguar Land Rover in Little Rock. Contact your insurance company for information on their car rental/rental policy in relation to personal injury. For more information, please contact your service advisor at 501-661-0303.

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