Example Of A Genuine Agreement

All the terms of the agreement must be read and understood so that there is no error as to the nature of the agreement. The statements in Example 7 are not considered an essential fact in proving fraud, since the general popularity of others plays no role in the judgment. EXAMPLE 2 (PG. 107) – In the opening example, Jake did not read the contract between him and Mr. Johnson on the Mustang, and if he had read carefully, he would have seen that the car was a 1965 model and not a 1964 model. I. Error: The misrepresentation of a fact in a treaty, which is most likely innocent, however has different options for eliminating the agreement. The events in Example 8 would be considered fraudulent because Mr Johnson deliberately carried out an act to ensure that the car was not working properly. A contract concluded under duress cannot be contested, because if the threats were part of the event, the contract will be automatically canceled. ERROR REGARDING THE NATURE OF THE AGREEMENT – The terms of a contract must be read and understood to ensure that there is no error as to the nature of the agreement. EXCEPTION – FACE TO FACE – If the agreement of a contract is concluded in person, the contract may be cancelled if one of the parties to the treaty uses threats to try to get the other party to accept and comply with the terms of the agreement. ERROR IN THE POSSIBILITY OF PERFORMANCE – The event when both parties enter into a contract that they think will have an impact, when this is not the case.

EXAMPLE 6 (p. 108) – If Jake M. Johnson asked if the Mustang was a 64 or 65 or not, and Johnson, who knew it was a `65, said it was a 64, could bring an action for damages. EXAMPLE 13 (p. 112) – Paulding, an old woman, lived with her son, who convinced her to sell him $150,000 for $50,000. But in the end, the mother refused to review the sale of the country to her son because Paulding discovered that her son would sell the property to Visconti for $175,000 for the construction of an apartment building. For example, error in the identity of the parties – if a bid is sent to the wrong party, the bidder can cancel the contract. .

UNILATERAL/BILATERAL ERROR – Error on the merits (non-referendum/questionable) A person cannot receive punitive damages for innocent misrepresentation because the act was innocent and not criminal. PUNITIVE DAMAGES – Penalties for fraud. a) Economic coercion – influencing the interest of companies through the use of threats. *Concealment: secret – if someone intentionally hides something that causes damage. d. In fact, trust: Rely on your words to make THE UNILATERAL SALE MISTAKE – a mistake made by a party to a contract – (NOT QUESTIONABLE). EXAMPLE 4 (PG. 107) – Robert Houlihan agreed to sell his car to Cynthia for $1,000. What they don`t know is that Houlihan`s car had been so total the night before that it couldn`t be repaired. Both now have the option to cancel the contract due to an error made by both parties.


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