Hire Purchase Agreement 1967

A summary of the tenant`s financial commitments; and must present the following; If the tenant expressly or implicitly communicates to the landlord the specific purpose for which the goods are required, the tenancy agreement must provide a condition that the goods are adequately adapted for this purpose, but such a condition is not implied if the commodity is second-hand and the contract includes a statement indicating a tenant who can make lease-sale payments for two or more , agreements with the same owner are entitled, for any payment concerning agreements that are not sufficient to honour the total amount owed by all the agreements, to require the owner the amount he paid in or to the satisfaction of the amount owed under one of the agreements or for the repayment of the amounts that are due after two or more of the agreements in these proportions. As he sees fit, and if he does not proceed with such a non-recourse authorization, the payment will be used to satisfy the amounts due under the leases in the order in which the agreements were concluded. The first calendar of the Hire-Purchase Act of 1967 lists several types of goods that, within the meaning of the law, fall within the meaning of the goods, as follows: the right, property and interests of a tenant under a tenancy agreement may be handed over by law to the tenant`s personal representative, and if the tenant is a corporation, the liquidator may exercise the same right as the corporation. , but nothing in this section does not relieve personal representatives or liquidators of compliance with the provisions of the agreement. Determine the legal situation in the following situations in reference to the Hire Purchase Act 1967:a) Jack had entered into a lease agreement for a large-screen television. Jack now wants to emigrate to Australia and wants his sister Jill to continue the lease.b)Kareena has entered into a lease agreement for a sewing machine. Two years after the agreement, Kareena wants to know the outstanding balance under the lease and ask the owner to prepare a financial report. If you cannot afford to make the staggered payment, you can terminate the lease by returning the goods to the owner. (5) In this part of this Act, any reference to the title of the creditor of a motor vehicle leased by way of a surety lease or (in Scotland) or sold under a conditional sales contract and sold by the debtor is a reference to that title (if any) of the vehicle that was immediately before that decision , which was transferred to the person who was then the creditor in connection with the agreement.] (b) any other commercial or financial purchaser who becomes a purchaser of the vehicle and who is not a person entitled to the first private buyer, any person who is guilty of an offence under this Act by selling or selling property included in a lease agreement or by removing the goods or by any other means, by fraud or attempting to deceive the owner; and in case of conviction, with a fine of no more than ten thousand Ringgit or imprisonment for a prison sentence of no more than three years or both.

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