Stamp Duty On Service Agreement In Up

According to the above provision, the ability to charge stamp duty requires, on the whole, two things: section 17 of the Stamp Act specifies when an instrument is to be stamped. It stipulates that: stamp duty of 0.5% on the value of services/loans. However, stamp duty can be higher than 0.1% for the following instruments: is your solution provider for all your legal, administrative and registration requirements. We have also introduced an API for the payment of stamp taxes, which can be used by companies and individuals both in UP or any other state in India. Use our draft documents such as under oath, partnership agreements, lease agreements, wills, trusts, adoption deeds, powers, gifts and a few other documents. Do you need a service? Ask for one now. for the purposes of clause 1 of this Article, all letters, notes or memoranda, registrations or memoranda relating to the deposit of instruments of ownership, whether written or made before or at the time or after the deposit of instruments of ownership, whether the first loan or a subsequent loan, shall be called; such loan, letter, note, memorandum, registration or deed shall be considered an instrument proving an agreement to deposit instruments of ownership, (a) if it considers that the deed is properly stamped or is not taxable; certify by means of an indication that it is correctly stamped or, where appropriate, that it is not subject to that tax; The same duty as a promotion [n°.

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