Va Pharmaceutical Master Agreement

In particular, the newly designed TPBP uses new technologies to create a centralized raw materials management system, as required by VHCA for a deposit contract system. As noted above, VHCA requires drug manufacturers to enter into a master contract with VA, under which a pharmaceutical price agreement is implemented, providing a rebate for covered drugs purchased by VA, DoD, the public health service (including the public health service) and the coast guard service under the deposit systems or listed in the FSS. All drug manufacturers who signed a master`s contract and a pharmaceutical price agreement with VA were signed by a letter from the Executive Director of Acting, VA National Acquisition Center, dated October 14, 2004 (which is included by reference) that the va secretary had established that doDs TRICARE Retail Pharmacy Program was a centralized commodity management system meeting the definition of the deposit system in accordance with the 38 U.C. While this letter authorized DoD to obtain maximum federal prices for drugs purchased after September 30, 2004 through the TRICARE retail pharmacy network, this rule will extend FSS prices to these drugs. (f) delivery prices. The proposed prices must include the provision of FSS-covered drugs to all federally mandated or contracted retail pharmacists (or their approved PPVs) to be used to fill prescriptions for beneficiaries of these agencies under the virtual filing system of centralized drug management agencies. GSA is responsible for the schedule program and the rules for its operation. Under the GSA`s delegation of responsibility, VA provides medical care under the VA Federal Supply Schedule. VA and DoD are calling for this amendment.

This new section adds a single clause to the virtual deposit system set up by a federal agency`s retail pharmaceutical program, using contracted pharmacies as part of a centralized drug management program. At that time, only DoD implemented a program, and the rule would facilitate DoD`s access to federal prices offered on Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Pharma-Start Printed Page 19046 for covered drugs purchased by DoD and distributed to tricare recipients through TRICARE retail pharmacies. 2. The Federal Agency`s PBO conducts an immediate verification of the data upon receipt of the notification and documents provided by the contractor. The parties undertake to do their best to resolve disputes within 60 days of receiving the written notification from the PBO. During this period, the contractor will act diligently in the performance of this contract and will use the administrative remedies under this clause before filing a dispute in accordance with the litigation clause introduced in this contract.

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